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Foodie has ratings for every dish on the menu, so our users (your customers) can order the best thing, every time. To generate these ratings, we use a proprietary algorithm to aggregate and analyze THOUSANDS of food reviews— from delivery apps to social media— from your restaurant. We believe these insights can be useful to you, too. You might already use a POS system to tell you what sells best (or worst). Using our technology, we tell you why.

Thing is, we’re new around town. That’s why for a limited time, we’re providing our analytics in a monthly report, for free. Heck, we’ll even help you get new customers in the door! We have a collective of Chicago food instagrammers with a total of over 100k followers.

What’s in it for us? To get dish level feedback, we may ask your customers to use our app to rate each item at the end of their meal. We then analyze their reviews and ratings right back to you. And that’s it! By leveraging our tech, app, and social network, learn exactly what your customers want. Sign up below and let’s get started!



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Read taste buds.

Ratings out of 5-stars on your top- and worst-rated dishes using our proprietary algorithms.

Save time.

Aggregated dish reviews— from delivery to social media. We sort through the mess so you don’t have to.

Predict Trends.

Key words identified for your top- and worst-rated dishes so you can optimize your menu.



Partner up to work our collective of Instagrammers


Bring in new customers.

Connect with our network, boasting 100k+ Chicago followers.

Stress, off your plate.

Logistics, communication, and content creation— handled by us.


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